About Us

Quordlepuzzles is home to one of the best selections of jigsaw puzzles online. We have something for every age and skill level with jigsaw puzzles ranging from 90 pieces all the way up to 210 pieces.

We know you well and we have created just the highest quality puzzles you’re looking for. With a careful eye for quality and sustainability, our puzzles use the thickest graphic board, premium paper, and sturdy set-up boxes. Every Games jigsaw puzzle is manufactured using a precision cutting technique that guarantees every piece snaps into place with our signature Perfect Snap ™ technology.

We strongly believe that our jigsaws rejuvenate, are immensely therapeutic, create special social bonds, and of course give you a sense of amazing accomplishment. Your love has launched us to be the #1 player in jigsaw puzzle manufacturing in North America. Still, we believe we are 2nd - only to YOU. So we give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. No questions asked!